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iTunes 7.1 and Vista…again

Tried installing iTunes 7.1 last night…

I had screen write problems with the old version of iTunes but I don’t know about the new 7.1. When I tried to install it last night it just hung with the hard-drive buzzing away for ten minutes until I switched the PC off.

I will try again tonight.

Thanks Apple 😦


Apple TV delayed until March

apple tvApple has confirmed that its Apple TV device will not be released until mid-March. The original shipment date pushed back a few weeks.

The company had promised at the beginning of January that Apple TV would be shipped by the end of February; as the month as progressed, it has become obvious that it wouldn’t be.

The devices are expected to be displayed starting on 5 March, but those buyers who have already pre-ordered say that their orders still promise to ship on 28 February.

Apple TV is a networked device that will be able to store around 50 hours of TV as well as access media files on the PC.

My guess, I am hoping, is it is delayed so iTunes, that is needed for it, will work on Windows Vista as well. (see my Apple shits me post)


Blu-Ray and HD-DVD broken

A good article by the great writer Cory Doctorow, it really seems that all DRM is doomed and will eventually be phased out.

Arnezami, a hacker on the Doom9 forum, has published a crack for extracting the “processing key” from a high-def DVD player. This key can be used to gain access to every single Blu-Ray and HD-DVD disc. Previously, another Doom9 user called Muslix64 had broken both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD by extracting the “volume keys” for each disc, a cumbersome process. This break builds on Muslix64’s work but extends it — now you can break all AACS-locked discs.

AACS took years to develop, and it has been broken in weeks. The developers spent billions, the hackers spent pennies.

For DRM to work, it has to be airtight. There can’t be a single mistake. It’s like a balloon that pops with the first prick. That means that every single product from every single vendor has to perfectly hide their keys, perfectly implement their code. There can’t be a single way to get into the guts of the code to retrieve the cleartext or the keys while it’s playing back. All attackers need is a single mistake that they can use to compromise the system.

Article here – Boing Boing

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