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FairUse4WM replacement FreeMe2

anti-drmI have posted plenty of times about FairUse4WM, the tool to take protection off Windows Media files – both video and audio files. Well, I have been slacking off and there seems to be a newer version of this tool – I guess not a new version but a completely different tool .. and it is open source so updates should flow through more often.

The tools name is FreeMe2 and it seems to do the same job as FairUse4WM plus it has the ability to unprotect streaming media as well (I didn’t know there was protected streaming media!).

From the author – After many hours of fighting with WM-DRM protection I decided to create new tool that would allow people to remove it from from files and streams. Of course FairUse4WM is great tool and it works nice but there are few reasons why have decided to create a new one:
1) FairUse4WM is closed source. Everytime MS releases new version of IBX people have to make binary patches or start from scratch.
2) FairUse4WM doesn’t work with video streams since it wasn’t intended to. Of course it is possible to record video stream and then undrm it but this is pointless when we are talking about tv channels.
3) There is no platform independent tool for ms wm-drm. There is no point of running windows every time you want to undrm some file or stream.

Freeme2 is a program based on famous freeme app created by Beale Screamer and based on viodentias (FairUse4WM) findings. It strips wm-drm protection from wmv/asf/wma files as well as video/audio streams. 

Download and info at SourceForge 
More Instructions and information at


a Nintendo DS gadget – M3dsReal

m3 real ndsThe Christmas just gone I bought a little gadget called M3DSreal for my son to use with his Nintendo DS..

What a neat little thing this is. I had to wait for the English version to be released, there are other items that do a similar thing but not quite the same or as good, R4DS is one of them.

What it is? It is a little cartridge exactly the same dimensions as a DS game cartridge but this has some smarts inside and a tiny flash card slot for microSD memory. I bought a 2 gigabyte Kingston microSD but you can use the newer SDHC ones which go to 6GB at the moment.

With this cartridge I put all of my sons DS games on it PLUS four movies PLUS a CD of music – now he has all of this on one cartridge rather than having to carry around multiple game cartridges that could be lost easily. It can even have PDA functionality, if you want, to store phone numbers, have a caculator etc. as well as and ebook reader and more.

Leave a comment if you want more details and I will answer or if needed I’ll write a better post. It really is a great product and cheap to buy.

Here is some more information on how to use the M3 Ds Real. And thanks to catflap at GBAtemp for making a replacement for the awful system fonts – (only for 3.7b)

M3 DS Real system has been updated , read about it in my post here – M3 DS Real system updated


New version PS3 – cut down but super cheap

Sounds like Sony is going to release a new model of the failing PS3. I have read around the traps (that refer to JB hifi, a major retailer) that Sony will sell a cut down version of it’s PS3, with a smaller hard-drive, fewer ports but still with the BluRay drive – for around $300 cheaper than the current model – AUD$699!

This makes it within reasonable buying distance from Xbox and Wii and I am sure will take off in sales. AUD$1000 for the PS3 was just too crazy for our market and sales, or lack of, proved that. No mention of it but I wonder if the console will look different? And in reality, with our exchange rate to US dollar, the current 60GB PS3 should only be around the AUD$560 mark anyway, making this cut down version seem expensive. Sony is price gouging again?

Another thought – Would this be the same as the cheaper model the USA had but , of course, with a 40GB drive? Is Sony trying to dump unwanted older models on us?

As I mentioned, the new 40GB PS3 will have fewer features than the current 60GB with two USB 2.0 ports instead of four, no backward compatibility for PS2 games and no multimemory card port. Is lack of backward compatibility a problem? I don’t think so as I never player PS1 games on a PS2 so I would doubt I would play older games on this newer PS3. What do you think?

(I have just read that the Michael Ephraim, Managing Director SCE Aust. and New Zealand has confirmed this as well – looks like 11th October is the date!)

– Update, I have to say I still think it is over priced. With our exchange rate the PS3 should be around $200 cheaper!!


Bitlet – download a torrent without a program

Bitlet looks to be a very interesting site that lets you download bit-torrent file with the need of a program like uTorrent or Azureus. All you need to do is copy and paste the torrent link into the Bitlet input box and click the Download Torrent button.

What is really good, though, is publishers can provide a direct link to download a torrent file using BitLet. Just put your link to the torrent metafile and press the generate code button and Bitlet will give you a direct download link for your readers. I haven’t tried it but it looks to be good stuff if it works as said.

Addition (31-10-2007) – What to use instead of Oink? Oink was a music site/tracker although I never tried it , it was meant to be the best for illegal downloads –


Windows Media DRM cracked again

I have posted many times about fairuse4wm and how it enables you to copy protected windows media files.

Well over at Doom forums , where they discussed the previous versions, there is talk about a new tool for uncovering the individual keys from Microsoft’s DRM blackbox components (“IBX”), up to version 11.0.6000.6324 , that will work with Vista and newer versions of the media player (v11?) and Zune software. It has also been convirmed to work with Vista 64 as well.

The person writing about this has the name Divine Tao and says they have nothing to do with the original hacker Viodentia (which recently Microsoft dropped charges as they could not find the person), strangely if you mix the letters in Divine Tao, you get Viodentia!

fairuse4wm is at v1.3fix2 and all details are at Doom.


Microsoft is cool? on the Surface.

surface.jpgYou have probably seen demos of this before. It was on the news a couple of days ago but I only saw the last few seconds so didn’t quite catch it properly. I came across a good site that talked about Surface when I was reading something else, glad I did.

If Apple talked about this and showed the demo, their fans would be talking up a storm and knocking on an Apple shop demanding to buy one. But Microsoft? Nah it can’t be good, well why not, have a look at the video if you haven’t seen it – wow is the word you will say.

More info at Microsoft


Plasma vs LCD

What do you folks think? Which is better, not technically because that really doesn’t matter and whether I can see a pimple on a face in a crowd at football doesn’t mean it is better. What I want to know is what/why do you think one looks best in your lounge room at home.

I have both and I have to say for the best picture I think plasma is the go. LCDs for me seem a bit ‘computery (??)’ the picture contrast just isn’t right, where the Plasma (mine’s a fairly expensive Fujitsu model) has great colour and resolution (pic quality not just pixels) and is perfectly fine day or night. People say LCD is better for daytime viewing but I have absolutely no problems with the plasma, and it’s facing a window.

I have just read this , I guess, advertising spiel from Panasonic and pretty much have to agree about the pic quality facts. They say that an independant survey has about 70% of viewers prefering plasma in Australia. I do admit I only have HD free to air signals (that’s up to 1080i) and DVD, no HDdvd or Blueray (and not interested in them either) but I really only watch free to air and not much else.

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