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System Update for M3DSreal

m3dsreal goldcoasterA new update for the M3 DS Real has been released recently.

It looks like it is only a few bug fixes, nothing major. An update from the M3 Group to get towards 100% compatibility even though I have never had any compatibility problems. This update fixes a few problems with certain games.
To download, see Hand Held Resources . Once you have it, just unzip and put those files on your M3DSreal microSD card and overwrite any files it asks.


Garry is a god

Garry Conn is a god. Just as it was said on Goundhog day – not The God but a god. Why do I say this? The reason? Garry’s brillant blog tips and smart information has made me earn almost $1 million dollars via adsense revenue with the few blogs I have about the place. One blog started because I couldn’t find Free Online RPG Games for my son , my son also loves Star Wars Lego minifigures and so I started that, and I love eating Japanese Ice Cream .

I did say almost $1,000,000 didn’t I. $2 a day is almost isn’t – well it pays for a coffee every day – without Garrys advice I would be caffeine free (maybe that is a good thing 🙂 )

Thank you Garry Conn. Cheers.


a Nintendo DS gadget – M3dsReal

m3 real ndsThe Christmas just gone I bought a little gadget called M3DSreal for my son to use with his Nintendo DS..

What a neat little thing this is. I had to wait for the English version to be released, there are other items that do a similar thing but not quite the same or as good, R4DS is one of them.

What it is? It is a little cartridge exactly the same dimensions as a DS game cartridge but this has some smarts inside and a tiny flash card slot for microSD memory. I bought a 2 gigabyte Kingston microSD but you can use the newer SDHC ones which go to 6GB at the moment.

With this cartridge I put all of my sons DS games on it PLUS four movies PLUS a CD of music – now he has all of this on one cartridge rather than having to carry around multiple game cartridges that could be lost easily. It can even have PDA functionality, if you want, to store phone numbers, have a caculator etc. as well as and ebook reader and more.

Leave a comment if you want more details and I will answer or if needed I’ll write a better post. It really is a great product and cheap to buy.

Here is some more information on how to use the M3 Ds Real. And thanks to catflap at GBAtemp for making a replacement for the awful system fonts – (only for 3.7b)

M3 DS Real system has been updated , read about it in my post here – M3 DS Real system updated


Ten bits of Christmas crap

Well, have a look at your local store and you can’t miss that it is Christmas time. It’s the biggest gift buying season so I have prepared a list of techy goodies for you. Well these aren’t goodies more like baddies – stuff I couldn’t imagine anyone would want. (I know – I only have six bits of crap – I am sure you can add another four in the comments 🙂 ) . But seriously, just buy some gift cards for your family and friends, it’s easy and they will love them.

gun-mouseG-Mouse: The G-Mouse is the ultimate gadget for all those who want to add a little fun to their boring life. You can play your favourite games, surf the net or use all your office applications with the G-Mouse computer gun shaped mouse. Crap!


pc-ez-bakePC EZ-Bake Oven: Now the computer savvy among us can relive the fun of having your very own personal mini-oven with the PC Ez-Bake oven! It fits in a 5 1/4″ drive bay and plugs right into your power supply with the included Molex connector. Also included is “PC Ez-Cook”, the open-source oven controller software with a fuzzy-logic cooking control system to precisely measure the doneness of your cake or cookie. Crap!

rockscissorspaperElectronic Rock Paper Scissors: Based upon the traditional “rock, paper, scissors” game, this electronic version will randomly display one of four pre-set patterns. It’s an ideal gift for the extremely lazy or indecisive. Crap!

usb seat cooler goldcoasterUSB fan cooled seat cushion: Just what people need on hot Summer days (well, Christmas time is Summer over here in Australia) … a USB powered, fan cooled seat cushion. USB powered anything is getting to new heights (or lows) with this I think. Looks like it’s the new 2007 model – that’s a bonus! Crap!

usb poledancerUSB pole dancer: The USB pole dancer is designed to be plugged into any pc USB port, of course, and comes complete with her own silver pole to dance around, as well as multi-coloured lights and disco music to “recreate an authentic nightclub atmosphere”. Once she is switched on she goes through a gyrating routine with the help of a pre-installed backing track. Just lovely. Crap!


Bad breath meter: Measure how stinky someones breath is. What ever you do don’t give this as a present – it may give the person a hint to take some mints butI guarantee you won’t be on the receiving end of a thank you kiss – maybe a slap on the face but not a kiss. Crap!


New version PS3 – cut down but super cheap

Sounds like Sony is going to release a new model of the failing PS3. I have read around the traps (that refer to JB hifi, a major retailer) that Sony will sell a cut down version of it’s PS3, with a smaller hard-drive, fewer ports but still with the BluRay drive – for around $300 cheaper than the current model – AUD$699!

This makes it within reasonable buying distance from Xbox and Wii and I am sure will take off in sales. AUD$1000 for the PS3 was just too crazy for our market and sales, or lack of, proved that. No mention of it but I wonder if the console will look different? And in reality, with our exchange rate to US dollar, the current 60GB PS3 should only be around the AUD$560 mark anyway, making this cut down version seem expensive. Sony is price gouging again?

Another thought – Would this be the same as the cheaper model the USA had but , of course, with a 40GB drive? Is Sony trying to dump unwanted older models on us?

As I mentioned, the new 40GB PS3 will have fewer features than the current 60GB with two USB 2.0 ports instead of four, no backward compatibility for PS2 games and no multimemory card port. Is lack of backward compatibility a problem? I don’t think so as I never player PS1 games on a PS2 so I would doubt I would play older games on this newer PS3. What do you think?

(I have just read that the Michael Ephraim, Managing Director SCE Aust. and New Zealand has confirmed this as well – looks like 11th October is the date!)

– Update, I have to say I still think it is over priced. With our exchange rate the PS3 should be around $200 cheaper!!


Face Training – on the DS

face training on the DSThe Nintendo DS is a great little game system – I have two of them and although I don’t really play games (except a long while back) I occasionally will play against my son – wirelessly between the two DSs – or play Sudoku. Playing against another person makes game playing a lot better I think. A friend has the Brain Training cartridge that, amazingly, trains your brain. Whether it does, who knows – it is fun though.

I have just found a new, weird game for the DS – Facening de Hyoujou Yutaka ni Inshou Up: Otona no DS Kao Training (I think) . Basically this is Face Training!

What is face training? It is pretty much pulling funny faces that in turn strengthen the underlying muscles and this is then meant to help make you be more beautiful. 🙂 Does it work? I don’t know… I am lucky, I don’t need it 🙂

The game has a camera as well so you can see on one screen the exercise and on the other screen yourself doing it. Looks like Japan only but I am sure if you really wanted it you could understand what to do.


Blue Screen of Death, Spiderman style

My son got a Megabloks Spiderman toy the other week and inside Green Goblins Lair there are three computer screens.

I just had to take a photo – have a look at the one in the centre – that’s right, poor old Goblin has got a Blue Screen Of Death 🙂 Well , I thought it was funny, the toy designers must have a warped sense of humour!

(click for the full photo)
spidy bsod small

And speaking of little block characters, Lego has got a great range of Star Wars Lego minifigures set. Have a look at these Lego minifigures, aren’t they fantastic?

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