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a Nintendo DS gadget – M3dsReal

m3 real ndsThe Christmas just gone I bought a little gadget called M3DSreal for my son to use with his Nintendo DS..

What a neat little thing this is. I had to wait for the English version to be released, there are other items that do a similar thing but not quite the same or as good, R4DS is one of them.

What it is? It is a little cartridge exactly the same dimensions as a DS game cartridge but this has some smarts inside and a tiny flash card slot for microSD memory. I bought a 2 gigabyte Kingston microSD but you can use the newer SDHC ones which go to 6GB at the moment.

With this cartridge I put all of my sons DS games on it PLUS four movies PLUS a CD of music – now he has all of this on one cartridge rather than having to carry around multiple game cartridges that could be lost easily. It can even have PDA functionality, if you want, to store phone numbers, have a caculator etc. as well as and ebook reader and more.

Leave a comment if you want more details and I will answer or if needed I’ll write a better post. It really is a great product and cheap to buy.

Here is some more information on how to use the M3 Ds Real. And thanks to catflap at GBAtemp for making a replacement for the awful system fonts – (only for 3.7b)

M3 DS Real system has been updated , read about it in my post here – M3 DS Real system updated


Merry Christmas, here is your present

santa on the beach

Merry Christmas to whoever is kind enough to read my little blog. And I hope you and your family and friends have a fantastic New Year.

And as a treat I have tracked down some lovely (and free) music for you to download at Hi Fi Holiday.

This person is kind enough to do this and it takes a fair bit of effort to make an old LP sound good.

He says…each of these LPs have been lovingly recorded, declicked, decrackled and dehissed using the following equipment:   Apple Powerbook G4,  Roxio CD Spin Doctor 2 (to record & clean),  ClickRepair (to clean),  and Bias Peak 5.2 (to cut).  Amplifier:  Pioneer SX 303. Turntable:  Pioneer PL-2.

Visit their site and say thanks,  it’s a great blog.


Foola the best iTunes replacement – updated

I have many posts about Foola (actually it is called Floola but I keep spelling it wrong 🙂 ) it’s the best FREE iTunes replacement out there.

There is a new update that covers the new model iPods now. The new models had a change in the firmware that stopped people using anything except itunes – this has been overcome. Version 2.1.1 of Floola is available and it now supports youtube and myspace videos!

Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod (or your Motorola mobile phone that supports iTunes). It’s a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (Windows Vista is supported).

Get Foola HERE


Apple: being smug just makes you look a fool

I admit it, I don’t really like using OSx, not that I have used it for at least a year – I still have a Mac but just haven’t turned it on for ages. Anway, what peaves more than and awkward to use (for me) system is Apple itself.

I don’t like Apples full on idea that looks/design is everything over being functional – the silly one button mouse that they perservered with for years or even the silly two button one now – a cheap Logitech or Microsoft mouse works a million times easier (but of course doesn’t look as pretty). I don’t like Apples adverts, most are exaggerations and half truths but , I guess, it sells products. I don’t like the fact the Apple took ages (6 months after Vista was released) to make iTunes work on Vista and wrote on their site it was Microsofts fault.

I know I haven’t explained properly but here is a prime example of over the top Apple showing how smug (or stupid) they are. The new updated OSX that has just been released a few days ago – the icon they use for Windows computers (and for that matter, I have read, lots of Linux and other Unix machines show up as Samba file shares, meaning they’ll be presented as unstable blue-screening machines, despite the fact that they’re likely more stable than OS X) is an old CRT monitor showing a Blue Screen fault. It is like little kids fighting and teasing in a playground – really. (read Smug Ugly and and the icon fix here )

osx blue screen

I must say, I do like my iPod Nano but some things about that erk me – the battery lost it’s ability to charge a week before the warranty ran out, a year later the replacement is the same – one year for the life of my Nano is a bit short and not being able to easily change the battery is a no-no.

Maybe what I really hate is the blind fans that think Apple is almost a religion and Steve Jobs is god. I remember talking to a blind Apple fan about that I need Windows because I need certain applications – he insisted that I could get all the application I ever need for the Mac – the apps I need are specially written for us at work they are not off the shelf things – why would we get these re-written for OSx or bother with running Windows on Apple hardware when a cheap PC does it anyway? He didn’t believe me!

And of course me saying all this now makes me a Microsoft lover, crazy, stupid and whatever else.


New 3rd gen iPod Nano

3g-nano-mock.jpgThere has been a few pictures / photos flying around saying they are the new 3G iPod Nano – I have the real photos below – God I hope not ‘cos it looks awful. Short and dumpy looking makes not only poor looks but poor usability.

The colours look like muted shades that are anodised aluminium, nicer than the garish colours available now. A bigger screen, why? Maybe for video but I doubt that, I think it will be more for a new interface like the iPhone – you will scroll albums using coverflow.

Looking at them I think it could even be a full size iPod model but Apple has sent notices out to the original sites so I am guessing it is true.

Here are the pics below, you tell me if they are going to be the next model or not. Pics below (the real ones) are from and the great mockup is from Miguel



CDs have their 25th birthday


25 years ago, on August 17, 1982, Royal Philips Electronics manufactured the world’s first Compact Disc at a Philips factory in Langenhagen, just outside of Hanover, Germany.

I remember when CDs first came out in Australia that a few of my friends were really against it – poor quality music – too harsh – not tonal like records, they said. Well I thought they sounded great and miles better than records (vinyls for some).

Time ticked on and they quickly abandoned their records in favour of CDs, just like the rest of us. For many, the CD is at the end of it’s life as downloading is the way to go but not for me. I would rather owning the physical item of a CD in better quality, I can always rip it to mp3 later for my iPod. And I am sure that without the CD there would be no DVD (or BluRay or HDdvd)

Anyway, it seems that the CD has recently turned the big 25 years old. Philips has a press release with some old photos and the history of it all – interesting reading.

philips cd presentation

Philips and Sony set up a joint taskforce for CD 1979


Thanks to Benedict , Homemom , Swollen Pickles , DesignOg , Mary , Donalyza for all the comments on previous posts.


iPod boombox for dogs

The poor dog! This designer (OnTheWei) has made a boombox style housing for your iPod Nano that has the speakers attached to your dog. Well the pic is a toy dog but I am guessing it is for real yapping dogs.

My dog would be running around freaking out over this and my guess, so would any other dog. Cruel.

ipod dog

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