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The best Vista wallpapers

The standard wallpapers in Vista are pretty gorgeous looking but there are not enough of them, are there?

Well the photographer, Hamad Darwish, that did these Vista pics has released more.

A photo collection of the images taken during Microsoft’s Windows Vista photoshoot and did not make the cut into Vista’s Wallpaper Collection

Get them at – Hamad Darwish – World of Photography Great stuff and thank you Hamad!


World’s Slimmest Camera with a 7X Optical Zoom

casioexv7I have always needed/ wanted digital cameras with more than the standard 3x zoom but with increased zoom goes increased camera size. And for me if the camera is too big I don’t seem to carry it around as much.

I have a Panasonic 12x Lumix, the smallest I could find with a big zoom (and what a great lens f2.8 throught the zoom length – equal to 35-420mm zom!!) but this little Casio seems to be a great compromise – I would love one.

“Casio announced today the release of the 7.2-megapixel EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-V7, the most powerful zoom in the stylish EXILIM series of compact digital cameras. This new model is the world’s slimmest digital camera with a 7X optical zoom lens.

In recent years, a number of compact, high-performance digital cameras have appeared on the market, but the trade-off between zoom power and camera size was evident in those models. Users who wanted to capture subjects at a distance were forced to buy bulkier cameras while other consumers sacrificed zoom for portability.” source

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Not so tiny 160 Megapixel camera

160 megapixel!While most digital camera makers are making their cameras smaller and smaller Seitz has decided to go in another direction. They have just released a camera that is 19” x 6” x 3” and weighs 6lbs. The advantage to the rather large size is the ability to take 6 x 17 panoramas at 160 megapixels.

One rather large problem for the rather large camera is the size of the photos. Each picture takes up about 1 gigabyte, so storage of more than a few shots is a challenge. The solution is that the camera sends photos right to a specifically configured Mac Mini via gigabit Ethernet.


Exilim ZOOM EX-Z70 – nice little camera

z70Casio today announced the release of their newest camera, the Casio Exilim ZOON EX-Z70, the latest in its Exilim line. The Exilim series is all about style, functionality, and ease of use. The EX-Z70, which sports 7.2 megapixels, comes not long after the EX-Z60, essentially the Z70’s 6 megapixel counterpart.

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