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Starbucks To Close – Coffee Lovers Cheer

I have just heard that Starbucks is to close a heap of stores – 61 out of 84 in Australia and 600 in the US.

Starbucks Coffee International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starbucks Coffee Company today announced plans to restructure its business in Australia …. This decision will result in the closure of 61 locations throughout the country by August 3, 2008.

That’s a pity for the staff that are about to lose their jobs but buggered if I feel sorry for Starbucks. Their coffee is and always has been terrible, I have no idea why anyone would want coffee similar to Starbucks. The same quality as MacDonalds – at least Maccas is cheap.

Last time I went was to the Pacific Fair Starbucks on the Gold Coast – i picked up two flat whites and they looked and tasted like instant coffee – no crema or froth from the milk at all. I asked for another and they said that’s how they make flat whites! What do I do? Well all I could think was to write on one of those customer service cards and post it off, I never got a reply!

Well, Starbucks, maybe if your service and coffee were any good you would still be around, hey.


Garry is a god

Garry Conn is a god. Just as it was said on Goundhog day – not The God but a god. Why do I say this? The reason? Garry’s brillant blog tips and smart information has made me earn almost $1 million dollars via adsense revenue with the few blogs I have about the place. One blog started because I couldn’t find Free Online RPG Games for my son , my son also loves Star Wars Lego minifigures and so I started that, and I love eating Japanese Ice Cream .

I did say almost $1,000,000 didn’t I. $2 a day is almost isn’t – well it pays for a coffee every day – without Garrys advice I would be caffeine free (maybe that is a good thing 🙂 )

Thank you Garry Conn. Cheers.


New theme, maybe

I don’t really like the current theme I have – ChaosTheory – but seeing I only have a free blog I only have a limited choice. It’s OK but quite right.
You may see a few changes as I try different ones out. Please bear with me until I find a better one.

I have changed it to the Redoable theme – I will change the header at another time, after my holidays. Let me know what you think. I noticed that since I changed to Chaos Theory, comments on the blog has almost stopped.



Harry Potter download

I just saw on the TV news that people are able to download (illegally of course) the latest Harry Potter book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, fours days before it’s release.

Someone has actually photographed every single page and put it on the web, a quick Google soon found it.

I have only ever read one book and it was great but reading a photo of a book is crazy in my eyes but I guess some people can’t wait. Myself, I could not be bothered to download it.

Here is a pic that I found on Google of the Title page.



Don’t watch Seven TV news

I usually try to post something that is a little techy, geeky, gadgetty but I have to write about this.

Just the other day there was an awful accident near my house at the Gold Coast. A speeding car had rolled over and two young children have died from it. I could hear the mother screaming for help for her poor kids plus someone saying ‘don’t run away’ (the dad – driver – ended up running away from the scene) like i said , really awful, sad, tragic.

Two days later I was outside playing with my son in the park and a Channel 7 Tv vehicle pulled up at the site of the crash and the guy (only one) got his Tv camera out and set it up to film all the flowers and wreaths that were left. I started heading back home with my son at the same time my wife went past walking our dog. when she returned she said that she saw him take extra flowers out of the channel7 vehicle , place them with the others to make it look like there were a lot of wreaths, then film it, then after take those prop flowers away.

What arseholes Channel 7 News must be. I have hated commercial news for a long time because of their poor coverage and manipulation of facts and this just proves how bad they are.

Thanks to Andy  for recent comments in previous posts.


5 things I hate about websites

Hate, pet-peeves, whatever you want to call them there are a few things that really annoy me, some enough that I don’t bother returning. This is really for mainstream web-sites not really blogs but can be for them too if they are bad enough.

  1. Pop-ups. Not quite as annoying now that browsers have had pop-up blockers for a while but still a pain. Pop ups come in many flavours: entry pop ups, exit pop ups, delayed, small, large, multiple, flying, scrolling, always on top, browser stopping, surf interrupting, must be cleared to move on…arrrg! Even mainstream sites like, say, and major news sites have them.
  2. Extra software needed to view site. Flash is fine but I am still not a fan, no right click to copy things etc. But some site want other software..go some some video sites and you are meant to download their specific viewer, go to a news site and you need their magazine viewer. Nick off, I am not going to do that.
  3. Registration required to visit the site. C’mon, some sites think that their shit don’t stink. They think you should register and login to see anything beyond the home page. Once again, nick off, a company and site has to build trust before me, a random visitor, is going to cough up a name and email address.
  4. Slowwww Pages. If I have to wait more than 5 or 6 seconds to begin viewing your site, I am gone – never to return. If the site has loaded it’s pages with Flash, MIDI, audio, video, or other files that load with the page, dump them please or put up links instead. Let me choose if I want to read or watch the video.
  5. Outdated content and dead dead dead links. One huge advantage of the web is the ability of heaps of sites bypassing traditional media and post news online instantly. I have been to sites after info on say PCs or printers (IBM Australia back a few years ago had absolutely no up to date info on models for sale – crazy for a tech company, I bought something else) If they haven’t updated their site in ages, and these days a month is ages, what does that tell me about the company. A continuation of this is not out of date info but no info. Nothing bugs me more than finding a spot on text link that goes nowhere.

Thanks to Jim for recent comments in previous posts.


GoldCoaster in the top 100!!

I made it to the Top 100 Australian blogs this week, yeehaa (currently number 98)!! Thanks for the notice

Number 1 position is ProBlogger – I didn’t even know he was Australian!

Guess who is at 50? – it’s Coach from Cant Coach That – well done.

top100 blogs goldcoaster


The MyBlogLog Community Exchange

Anything to help Garry Conn out, plus it will also benefit anyone who joins in. Win-win for all.

Many, many bloggers are MyBlogLog members so it’s very simple to join up to communities and in turn they join you – traffic, readers, backlinks all will come.

The rules are very simple:

  • Join all of the MyBlogLog communities on the list below.
  • Copy the list and create a new post on your blog and paste the list onto your post.
  • Write a brief paragraph that explains what the game is above the list (just as I have done here).
  • Add 2 or 3 more MyBlogLog communities to the list and then publish the post.
  • If you want to be added to this list, simply drop me a comment below.

The MyBlogLog Community Exchange List:

Thanks to The Far Corner for commenting in the previous post.


Technorati Top 3

Richard, over at Untwisted Vortex has just posted that he needs our help. He wants to get to the lofty heights of the Top 3 in Technorati.

Well, come on folks , lets help him out a little and make him a favourite it’s only a click away.

I think he mentioned that he would shout everyone a coffee that favourites him 🙂


Buy Your Own Pop Band – it’s on Ebay!

Swedish band Rednex are up for sale at eBay with a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $1.5m. The new owner gets the trademark, the record releases, the contracts and all the shares of the Swedish company Rednex AB, according to this  website devoted to the sale of band and its assets.

I remember their big hit Cotton Eye Joe, years ago in the ’90s but I don’t know of any other hits. I have read they tried to enter this years Eurovision song contest but were disqualified.

Is an old pop group worth that much, who knows. Anyway if you want a new hobby go and buy it here .

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