McDonalds Australia new McWraps and FoldOvers – good or bad?

I saw recently that McDonalds Australia is looking to try out some new menu items and have been asking people what they think. I am not a real fan of Maccas but the first two look kind of OK. The chicken and bacon fold over especially would be good but I bet that McDonalds don’t really use Lebanese flatbread and just have cheapy pita wrap bread instead, the others they say tortillas but will they be or will they be cheap pita wraps as well. Let’s see if McDonalds starts making these.

The worst part is that no matter what, the food won’t look anything like these drawings. Everything they make ends up looking awful nothing like the photos. Just the other day I bought some wedges from them. Most of the wedges were stuck to each other, were soft not crispy, were in a TINY box and didn’t come with the dipping sauces like the big poster showed. When I asked for the sauces I got a sachet of sweet chili like you get with chicken nuggets and a little cup with no lid that someone squirted a teaspoon of mayo in it – note I didn’t say mayonnaise as it isn’t that, mayonnaise has egg in it, McDonalds calls it Mayo so you think it is mayonnaise but really it is some type of flavoured thickened white paste (basically the same as choc is not really chocolate).

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