Australian PS3 now has Plus7 TV channels

Our family has a slimline Ps3. I don’t play games much on it but my son does – what I mostly use it for is watching videos that are on the external USB hard drive (it’s great that you can plug in any old USB drive), watch videos streamed from my laptop (it sees it as a media centre or via Vuze),  and watch catch-up TV with the great ABC iView PS3 application. The Ps3 and iView team up nicely and it’s great to be able to watch a whole range of TV shows when I want to. It is simple to use and works well – not like the god awful Vidzone application.

One thing I would added would be more catch-up TV channels – I know I can always go to them via the internet browser in the PS3 but that is too awkward – I want a nice neat app like iView.

Well yesterday I noticed that in the TV tab under the iView logo was Plus7 – the catch-up TV channel from channel7 and yahoo. Excellent, one more channel to choose, although I would rather the Ten network if I could choose one. I clicked it and it seemed to work well using it’s menu. I did notice that it had only 18 videos in total and nearly all were shows that really failed in the ratings (like the magician show), so not really catch-up TV but showing mainly TV shows that are not good enough for prime time Seven. Some of their 7Two shows would be good – 007, the UK mystery shows and home shows. A pretty poor effort and I don’t really expect much from the seven network as they are the ones trying to push Freeview (which has in it’s specs all types of things to restrict viewing and force advertising – no skipping ads). And they were the ones that tampered with a car crash site to make the photos for the news better looking.

I clicked on one of shows and it just waited and waited until I left, did  not work. Later in the day I tried again and I notice the layout was a little different, it still would not play any shows though. So I left it as a bad joke thinking the 7 network still needs to fix it at their end – probably to figure how they can add 15 minutes of adverts into every 30 minute show (because I know it will be that bad).

Today I go to try it again – what do I find? The whole application has disappeared. Sony Australia and the Seven network/Yahoo7 announce this mid August saying it would all be running at the end of that month. Well I guess ch7 needs a bit more time, I have read the Seven network has delayed it for another week because of problems at their end. Let’s hope they don’t mess it up forcing users to play their silly games just to watch and old episode of Sons and Daughters from the 1970s.

4 Responses to “Australian PS3 now has Plus7 TV channels”

  1. 1 Lea
    September 17, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Well its now mid september and i still have nothing. i did get to watch one show then the icon disappeared – does anyone one know what is going on?

  2. September 17, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    I have no idea when this is coming. Channel 7 said the end of August. Like I said above I am betting the seven network is still figuring out how to push adverts down our throats.

  3. 3 greg
    September 22, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    chanel 7 are a disgrace, i never watch anything from 7 unless its recorded, the adds are sickening, i enjoy fast forwarding through them at 240 x speed, screw you 7 and your adds, 7plus is a pathetic pile of monkey dung not worthy of even being online! which i notice it still is not, typical.

  4. September 23, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Greg, I agree with you completely. I didn’t actually want to say it in those words but what you say is true.
    the seven network are the ones selling Tivo in Australia – whats the first thing they do that makes Tivo work different to any other Tivo around the world – YOU CAN’T FAST FORWARD THROUGH ADVERTS.
    Seven are also the ones pushing the term Freeview and one of the things they want Freeview to do is go to MP4 so then they can control whether you can record, fast forward and skips ads.
    Normal TVs get all channels so no-one ever needs to buy Freeview branded equipment.

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