Apple Safari for windows

safari windows goldcoasterYou have probably read that Apple has made their Safari browser compatible for windows, big deal I say – I don’t need another browser but maybe others do and it is good to have choice.

I have used IE7 since Beta and have never (honest) had problems with it, reading about WinSafari people are in trouble. Typical posts are this…

I’ll give Safari more time to be fair, but for now it is buggier than should be expected – crashing, hogging CPU, taking forever to load pages and failing to interact with e.g. the most popular online email (yahoo). This one was rushed out of the dressing room without getting zipped up.

I am guessing Apple has released it just like the new versions of iTunes for Windows, in a poor state. I have been cheesed off with Apple about iTunes 5 (ouch what a shocker) and iTunes for Vista. I am sure they either don’t test properly and leave it to users to report bugs or they just can’t program Windows apps… or both. But that doesn’t matter, Apple fanatics will jump to it’s defence.

One big problem is that it has created security vulnerabilities – a zero day exploit just 2 hours after release. It is a command execution vulnerability, triggered without user interaction simply by visiting a web site. Great!

Remember this is from the Safari download page:
“Why You’ll love Safari

12. Security
Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.”

Yeah, sure.

(I hope you like the photo of the original Safari Windows 🙂 )

Thanks to Andy , HomeMom3 , for recent comments in previous posts.

3 Responses to “Apple Safari for windows”

  1. June 13, 2007 at 11:08 am

    LOL love the image to go with it.

    It does seem that apple dislike spending any effort into integrating their products into windows. They all work awesomely on the mac (I’ve been using the new safari since it’s release), but there are so many complaints from the windows point of view.

    I think in the long run their trying to piss off windows users so much that they switch, then they see the apps that didn’t work on windows work well on apple and then brag about the different… all an ad gimmick in my eyes.

    From the keynote that was released today, it seems like it’s going to be shipped with itunes when it’s properly released. Which means when you would like quicktime you are also forced to download itunes and safari, then install them both, then manually uninstall the apps you didn’t want in the first place.

    Luckily though I won’t have any of these problems as I’m using a mac lol! I would always encourage a switch from windows to mac, or even a switch from windows to ubuntu.

    I’ve now been using ubuntu virtually simultaneously with my mac (OSX), to be totally honest if the linux community cleaned up the software and made it usable to a beginner (I mean an old guy kind of beginner) then they would seriously rocket.

    There are good and bad points to all three operating systems, but it’s impossible to make anything that is as advanced as the software we are using today to run perfect all the time. People don’t accept this and chose that what ever platform runs with their life the best is the one to chose. To put it simply their all aimed at different kinds of users. Sure their all trying to eat into each others market share but they realistically don’t all cater for the same needs.

    God! Fine! I’ll shut up!

  2. June 13, 2007 at 11:19 am

    Excellent comment, thanks for this.


  3. 3 Hailey
    September 20, 2007 at 3:33 am

    they only wanna do you dir.Hailey.

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