Apple suit over poor MacBook displays

I find it strange that Apples advertising keeps pushing the Artistic/ Design bent but they have an inferior display, via OSX, than if you used XP. Macbooks and Pros ahave been around for a while now but I have never heard of this before and assumed what is advertised is true (yes, I know I shouldn’t beleive advertising:) ). Plus, saying millions of colours when the displays can only handle 262,000 is a bit crook isn’t it, I guess we can’t let advertising get in the way of facts can we?

A class action suit has been launched in the California Superior Court alleges that Apple engaged in deceptive advertising, unfair competition and misrepresentation regarding the ability of the displays used in the MacBook and MacBook Pro to display “millions” of colours.
The heart of the case is that the MacBook and MacBook Pro – like other notebooks of similar size – use display panels that use six bits for each of the red, green and blue subpixels, giving a maximum of 262,144 colours rather than over 16 million from eight bits per channel. A further assertion is that the dithering process used by Mac OS X to simulate eight bits per channel gives significantly inferior results to that used by Windows on the same hardware. The colour performance is said to fall short of that required by a professional user of software such as Apple’s Aperture photography application.
…One message quoted in the filing stated “If I boot into [Windows] XP using Boot Camp, the dithering and banding and noise goes away…

info From ITwire Australia

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