Importing audiobooks into itunes

I have already written a little about importing audiobooks into itunes but that was for Windows users. I had a comment asking about how to do it on a Mac, so here it is (now I do have a mac running OSx at work but I haven’t even powered it on for 12 months, so I have not tested this software)
You probably know that the process of importing a series of audiobook CDs which are all connected, and which need to be played back in strict order, is a cumbersome task that involves a lot of steps: disc swapping, settings changes, and fiddling with file extensions and iTunes meta data. It’s a pain, and only the desire to have a good book on your iPod keeps you going.

Mac users have it easy it seems. You have a program available that pretty much does it all for you and that programs name is… Audiobook Builder, not an exciting name is it? I am fairly sure you can also do all this via Applescripts but a single program is a much better option isn’t it?

All it takes is 3 steps (see the buttons on the bottom of the pic) it will import your Audiobook CDs (or tracks that are already on your Mac), organize them and output the files that your iPod recognises as actual Audiobooks. The results are automatically sent to a special playlist in iTunes, and when you sync with your iPod they appear right you’d expect – in the Audiobooks section.

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