NetCast – the new PodCast?

With Apple sending letters to some sites saying that they should stop using the word PodCast – I am assuming because it has Pod in it and they think they own the word pod.

Should we just drop the word PodCast completely and let it die and start some other word to replace it. Leo Laporte thinks so ( and he has the leading techy podcasts (oops I used the word pod) Daily GizWiz, Twit, Floss, KFI etc. – great shows that I listen to. He suggests we should be using NetCast – I agree, it sounds great, is catchy and does suggest that you need an iPod to listen to it.

We have Broadcast for TV, Narrowcast for cable – NetCast is a really great name, so lets start using it.


What do you think? Please comment.

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