My Nano is in for repair :(

iPod-nano-blackI have been super happy with my 4gig Nano since I bought about November last year.
Everything ha been fine and I have been recommending others to buy one.

Before this problem I was getting hours and hours of playback (well at least 6 hours before Thursday)

Now the problem. On Thursday I go to use my Nano and it only plays for half an hour max and I have a flat battery. Strange I thought it charged for hours last night (at least 3 or 4) – well maybe I didn’t plug it in, I thought.

Charge it up and within 15 minutes it says its fully charged!! strange again.

And thats how it is. – it turns itself off with a flat battery (I get the flat battery message on the ipod screen) , plug it into a USB (tried different ones, different PCs) and in under 15 minutes it has the fully charged symbol on the screen. This happened suddenly not a gradual decrease in battery life. Is this what happens when you have a bad battery? (I have no idea). If I use the menus and scroll etc. the meter is in the red really fast.

I have just done the battery test that Apple suggests (after I did a restore) and I got 1h45m till shut down.

Is this covered under warranty? What do I tell Apple? Or do I go to an Apple store (Bundall Gold Coast Australia)?

edit – it seems it is a warranty job, the store took it without any questions asked and said I will get a replacement within a week – good stuff.

Update number 2 – The Nano went in on Monday and the shop called Wednesday saying to pick the replacement up – good stuff NextByte! 

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