Zune – not just a player but an experience!

Microsoft has officially announce the Zune.

They say it is not just a player but a whole experience – meaning there is also a Zune Marketplace to buy stuff, I guess like how the X-box 360 and it’s marketplace is. If it come close to how iTunes (not buggy v7) is it has a chance but, gee, it will be an uphill battle.

The Zune has a rather nice 3.0-inch screen that will flip between vertical (music selection) and horizontal (video playback). Three colors will be available at launch: brown, black, and white. People are saying ugh Brown!! but I think it looks good in the photos and when the power is on it glows green around the edge. A 30GB HDD and built-in FM tuner will place it in line with other audio player offerings, but what really makes the Zune unique is its inclusion of 802.11 wireless capabilities.




Here’s a video of the Zune in action..

On Zune file formats: Zune will support your existing, unprotected, music library (MP3, AAC and WMA files), as well as video formats (WMV, H.264, MPEG4, 320×240), and JPG photo files.

Zune users will be able to detect one another and then share songs, recordings, play lists, and pictures completely wirelessly. Songs owned on one Zune and shared with another will be available for playback up to three times over the course of a three day period. After the shared period runs out, users will be able to bookmark the songs for purchase via the Zune Marketplace

Three accessorie packs will be available.

Zune Travel Pack

  • Gear Bag
  • Premium Earphones with storage case
  • Dual Connect Remote
  • Sync Cable
  • AC Adapter

Zune Car Pack

  • FM tuner (I think they mean Transmitter) with AutoSeek
  • Car Charger

Zune Home Pack

  • AC Adapter
  • A/V Output Cable
  • Dock
  • Sync Cable
  • Wireless Remote


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